The Peace Studio develops artists and journalists to inspire hope and catalyze transformative social change. We believe storytellers to be best positioned to respond to our world of violence. Peace relies on individuals coming together across difference to do the ongoing work of conflict transformation – moving from the destructive to the constructive. Culture brings us together as a society and it is the stories we tell that shape our culture.

Through The Peace Studio Fellowship, Artist as Catalyst, and The Peace Studio Summit, we give artists and journalists the tools to transform conflict in the U.S. Tools such as: restorative storytelling, mindfulness & meditation, self-efficacy, and mediation.


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The Peace Studio's impact

100% of Peace Studio artists feel better equipped to bring their social impact ideas to fruition.

Developing artists that feel prepared to take on the challenges their communities face, The Peace Studio’s Artist as Catalyst program has built a community of artists that are actively making a difference with and through their art.

100% of Fellows feel more likely to venture outside existing circles to collaborate.

Through our curriculum: SKILLS FOR CREATIVE PEACEBUILDERS, complete with 15 different essay contributions and an almost 50 page accompanying workbook, The Peace Studio Fellowship has made it possible for over a dozen storytellers to work together to bridge divides in their communities.

The ‘Peace Studio Way’ is becoming mainstream.

Our bi-annual summits have brought a broader awareness to peacebuilding efforts by virtually bringing together over 10,000 individuals to connect, build, and ideate around the idea of peace.


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