It is our belief that at a time such as this, we must consider why big ideas like ‘peace’ and ‘peacebuilding’ matter. ‘Peace’ is more than just the calm, internal pleasure we might feel when we enjoy a great book on a warm summer day and it is more than its dictionary definition – “the opposite of violence or war.” At The Peace Studio, we believe that peace is about the small, daily actions we choose to take to show compassion, kindness and love towards others. It’s about pursuing justice, protecting human rights, and helping those facing hardship, oppression or other adversity.

In 2020, The Peace Studio commissioned creatives to generate peace offerings in response to the isolating COVID-19 pandemic. Every work commissioned incorporated a digital action, such as signing petitions, practicing mindfulness exercises, donating online to justice initiatives, or getting involved in local legislative activity that viewers can take to start building peace in this challenging time. View each offering by clicking the creative headshot below.

From July 1 to November 1, 2020, we are bringing together both known and emerging creatives in visual, performing, literary, spiritual, and musical arts to generate new works about what peace means to them, how they practice it, and where they see it could rise up and flourish amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the impassioned protests over centuries old racial injustices and inequalities occurring across many continents.

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