Join the Ambassadors’ Circle and enjoy special benefits while supporting active peacebuilders world-wide.

Members of our Ambassadors’ Circle provide vital annual support allowing TPS to offer artists and journalists the funds and tools to sustain their livelihoods so that they can focus their time and their creativity on building more connected and hopeful communities. As a member of our Ambassadors’ Circle, you play an integral role in ensuring peace has a future.

A front row seat for the 2021 Conversation that #OfferPeace series

Members of the Ambassadors’ Circle get exclusive access to TPS programming and events like our exciting Conversation that #OfferPeace, a dialogue series moderated by Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning journalist Trymaine Lee.

Trymaine Lee

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Members of the Ambassadors' Circle

Roberta Baskin

Sarah Billinghurst & Howard Solomon

Claudia Chouinard Brink

Jacqueline Cambata

The Fertel Foundation

Barbara Manocherian

Nancy Manocherian

Steve Novick

Barack and Michelle Obama

Iqbal & Janet Paroo

Seth Radwell

Judy Rodgers

Jon Rupp

Rebecca Rothstein

Andrew Sabin

Willa Shalit

Avideh Shashaani

Michael Skoler

Maya Soetoro

Hardeep Walia

Lis Wiehl