Mariano Avila

Mariano AvilA

Producer & Reporter at Milwaukee PBS

Mariano Avila is an award-winning journalist working as a producer/reporter at Milwaukee PBS. He has made a career of bringing voices from the margins to those who need to hear them. Over the course of his career, Mariano has reported for NPR stations as well as major papers. He has hosted and been executive producer for TV shows and podcasts. Mariano was born in Mexico City, Mexico, where he learned the value of civic engagement and public discourse.

His life and work have taken him from presidential palaces in the Philippines and Taiwan to prisons in Guatemala and Thailand, from refugee camps in Palestine to Egyptian communities built atop garbage dumps. He has organized for international human rights efforts, briefly served at a foreign consulate, and has done considerable work connecting marginalized people to religious, educational, and nonprofit institutions through the power of story.

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