MAYA SOETORO, PHD, The Peace Studio Founder

Maya serves as an adviser to the Obama Foundation, working closely with their international team to develop programming in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to her work with the Obama Foundation, she was the Director of the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa where, in addition to leading outreach and development initiatives, she also taught Leadership for Social Change, History of Peace Movements, Peace Education, and Conflict Management for Educators. She was awarded a master’s degree in Secondary Education from NYU’s College of Education and a PhD in Multicultural Education from the University of Hawaiʻi. For many years, she worked at the University of Hawaiʻi College of Education where she taught Multicultural Education, Social Studies Methods, and Peace Education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Maya has published a number of book contributions as well as a picture book entitled Ladder to the Moon and is currently under contract to write a Young Adult novel entitled Yellowwood. Maya sits on many voluntary boards and is the proud co-founder of three nonprofits – Ceeds for Peace, Institute for Climate and Peace and The Peace Studio.

TODD SHUSTER, The Peace Studio Founder

Todd Shuster, Managing Partner at Aevitas Creative Management, represents such authors as James S. Hirsch, who wrote the New York Times bestselling Hurricane; Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson, author of the bestselling memoir Around the Way Girl; Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent Jeffrey Gettleman; and Deval L. Patrick, former Governor of Massachusetts.

JENNIFER GATES, The Peace Studio Founder

Jennifer Gates, Senior Partner at Aevitas Creative Management, has represented numerous New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors, among them Mira Bartók, author of the bestselling and NBCC Award winner The Memory Palace and the forthcoming The Wonderling; Maya Soetoro-Ng’s Ladder to the Moon; Eva Longoria’s Eva’s Kitchen; Thomas P.M. Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map; and Chris Gardner’s #1 New York Times bestseller The Pursuit of Happyness.

JUDY RODGERS, Images and Voices of Hope Founder

Judy Rodgers was working in media when she turned her attention to a study of consciousness and meditation twenty-five years ago. She held executive positions in media companies such as CBS/Fox Video and New World Entertainment for fifteen years, translating the ideas of authors and thought leaders to video. In 1999 she helped found Images and Voices of Hope, a global media initiative dedicated to media as a force for good. She oversaw the merger of ivoh with The Peace Studio in 2019.