The Peace Studio is excited to be launching a new program for performing and visual artists, journalists and media-makers, and other restorative storytellers in January 2021 called Creative Peacebuilders. Invited participants in this program will be given opportunities to have their work amplified on our social media channels, offered chances to apply for 2021 #OfferPeace grants, will receive project mentorship by Peace Studio staff and board members, special webinars with leading activists and thought-leaders, educational workshops on Restorative and Trauma-Informed Narrative, will develop their own reflective practice, and much more. The goal is to begin building a community and set of resources around the 150+ creatives that the Peace Studio has now worked with over the past two years and encourage each participant to continue putting peacebuilding work at the center of their practice.

Sponsor a Creative Peacebuilder

By sponsoring a Creative Peacebuilder at the $100 level, your donation improves access and helps remove financial barriers for national and international participants.

2021 Creative Peacebuilders Spotlight

Dan Daly

Creative Peacebuilder

“Peace is not a singular thing that we can point to and say, ‘if I just do this one thing, I will feel peace.’ It is much more of a journey of discovery — a thing to strive for. I hope that by being part of The Peace Studio, my journey to find peace might help other people and other creatives find their peace as well.”

Dan Daly is a Brooklyn based scenic designer and artist who held positions at the Williamstown Theater Festival, the Corkscrew Festival, and the Winnipesaukee Playhouse. Dan’s design work was seen at The Public’s Under the Radar Festival at Brookfield Place with Third Rail Project’s site-specific work Oasis; at RuPaul’s Drag Con, where he designed Monét X Change’s booth; and at the Barn Arts Collective, where he built an inflatable theater. MFA: Carnegie Mellon University.

See Dan's Peace Offering Here