Reverend Jacqui Lewis

Day 100: Reverend Jacqui Lewis

New Jersey, United States

I rewrote the words Star-Spangled Banner to recognize that, in order to live in a loving and just nation, we must completely rewrite a national story that was birthed out of white supremacy. My hope is that each of us will take up our own voices, that we might form a chorus of revolutionary love that will shake this country’s very foundations—so everyone might share in the abundance with which we have been blessed.


I am the Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church in New York City, the first Black person and woman to hold my position at this 375+ year-old church. I’m married to my wonderful husband John, and have two incredible grandchildren—Ophelia and Octavius—who keep the love beating in my heart.


Rewrite any US foundational document—the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg address, whatever speaks to you—giving it new words amid an old form to redirect us all toward justice. Then, share that artistic offering with the people in your life and have hard conversations about the work we need to do.

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