Nesima Aberra

Day 13: Nesima Aberra

Virginia, United States

This poem is dedicated to my family, Eritrean refugees, and all those in the diaspora who have been hoping, striving, and building peace since the country gained independence in 1991. The history of Eritrea’s war, the ongoing human rights crisis, and its people’s stories have unfortunately been ignored for so long, so I wanted to do my part to change that.


Nesima Aberra is an Eritrean American writer, poet, digital strategist, and community builder. She’s been published in Everyday Feminism, Vox, The Atlantic, and more. Nesima is an alumna of the VONA Voices Fiction Writing Workshop and The Power of Diverse Voices: Poynter Minority Writers Workshop. She received her master’s degree in International Media from American University and her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Global Studies from Arizona State University.


I want people to donate to support refugee relief and resettlement efforts ( or and learn about Eritrea.

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