Malkah Binah Klein

Day 14: Malkah Binah Klein

Philadelphia, PA, United States

I take slow, meandering walks in my neighborhood, seeking beauty. With this mindset, each walk is an adventure and an opportunity to open to wonder, to the miracle of being alive, and to an awareness of our interconnection with all life and with Earth and Sky. These walks have become a balm for my spirit, transforming my grief and fear into generosity and courage. I dedicate this peace offering to my parents, Susan and Morris.

The music for the slideshow is “Slow Vibing” by Ketsa, used with permission.


Malkah Binah Klein is a rabbi and healer with the spirit of an artist. She explores and develops pathways to creatively connect with our authenticity, our capacity to love, our deep knowing, and our joy. Among the modalities that she integrates are Hebrew chant, qi gong, authentic movement, creative writing, and spiritual direction. Her writings, prayers, chants, and photographs can be found at She invites anyone viewing her offering to share their own beauty walk photos/reflections by writing to her at


Nourish your spirit and then reach out to someone with whom you have lost connection and send them your love. If the connection is frayed, reach out with humility and seek to make amends. Cultivate a generous, courageous spirit and share your open heart.

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