Yannick Kamanzi

Day 15: Yannick Kamanzi


This lockdown situation made me really think in-depth and question my beliefs to the core. I am talking about peace! Real peace, I am trying to describe it, how it would feel, or what I would look like! The absence of Evil does not define goodness! That there is such a space in between, where there might be no conflict but no peace! To say that we might be stuck in that space! Hence, only question what peace would look like, smell like, or even if it is an actual thing!


Yannick Kamanzi is a professional choreographer and dancer from Kigali, Rwanda. A firm believer that art is a platform for communication and social change, Kamanzi creates and choreographs pieces that raise awareness and start conversations around important issues in Rwanda.


Participate in this month’s the Ubumuntu Arts Festival, happening now, and help keep the festival free and accessible to all by making a donation.

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