Sage Melcher

Day 18: Sage Melcher

Honeoye Falls, NY, United States

“Nature has incredible healing powers. Research-based studies prove the positive effects of Nature on our emotional, physical and spiritual selves. Personally,  I always felt deeply connected to Nature, but it wasn’t until I grew older and moved to a city that I realized how much it impacted me. When I was going through a hard time and dealing with PTSD, I tried more common therapies, but it wasn’t until I re-connected with Nature that I discovered my sense of self again. I hope to help bring this knowledge to those in need.”


Sage is a singer/songwriter and creator who currently lives in Brooklyn and grew up in Upstate NY on Odanata Sanctuary, an animal rescue. After earning a pre-collegiate diploma in Jazz Piano and Classical Voice from Eastman School of Music, she decided to pursue a career in the performing arts. At 16, she received a scholarship to study Musical Theater at TringPark in the UK for the performing arts; after that, she received a BFA from Pace University.


“Inclusive Woods and Us” is a program in my home city, Rochester NY that strives to create “Equitable access to outdoor education and experiences”. It was founded by a wonderful woman, Lucienne Nicholson who has been a mentor to me in discovering the amazing healing effects of Nature.

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