Shireen Chada

Day 20: Shireen Chada

India  / United States

You wouldn’t say, “I got a really good night’s rest in 2019, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t get any tonight.” No matter how good it may once have been, sleep is not much use to us now. Interestingly, we can say the same thing about peace. We need to experience inner peace daily. This peace should become the most sacred point of reference in our lives. It should also be inner peace and not just a peace that we find when the external situation is to our liking. Listening to this meditation gives us sustainable, renewable peace.


Shireen Chada has practiced and taught meditation for 25 years. She is the author of three unique books on meditation — True Hollywood Blockbuster, Insperience the Divine, and Oh My Goodness. Shireen has designed and facilitated meditation retreats and workshops to embrace the perennial wisdom she presents in her books readily. She heads the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Tampa, Florida. Shireen’s original and proven techniques for spiritual transformation powerfully uplift the soul.


Inner peace should be our most sacred point of reference. Meditate at least twice a day and experience inner peace. Let our actions arise from this experience.

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