Day 26: Manal Omar

United States

This offering is dedicated to the powerful women and their inner little girl that protects their hope, vision, and desire to play. The pandemic triggered an existential reality; I realized my business for women’s leadership might not survive. The potential loss of leaving behind a 25-year international career to create my business was shattering. Quarantined and alone in New York City – I faced fears of the unknown. A special note of gratitude for each person involved in this video; each played a significant role in my healing journey. A reminder – trauma needs a tribe, and wholeness comes from us standing together.

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Manal Omar has 25 years of experience in peacebuilding, working as a frontline civilian in war zones from Iraq to Nigeria to Afghanistan. She served national and international agencies, including the UN, World Bank, Oxfam, and USG. Manal has won numerous awards and recognition and is the author of Barefoot in Baghdad. She is a Truman National Security Fellow, an inaugural fellow for Foreign Policy Interrupted, a member of the diversity panel at Sex Coach University, and an Ambassador for Millions of Conversations.


Create a Pleasure Routine: joy and pleasure don’t replace negativity, but they can serve as powerful tools to get THROUGH difficulties. Call in pleasure by setting the intention with daily practice. It could be as simple as a wink in the mirror or dancing while making coffee.

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