Day 27: John Peter


My peace offering was inspired by the present pandemic ravaging our world. It is an aesthetic attempt to unveil the realities that abound and provide succor for people. It is a product of my artistic ingenuity and the effort of passionate friends who were supportive in making the video exemplary.


John Peter is Nigerian spoken-word performance artist, award-winning poet, wordsmith, lyricist and motivational creator. He is in his final year of studies in the Communication Technology department at the National Open University of Nigeria. He has performed on different platforms such as UNYDP (United Network of Youth for Peace Diplomacy), Youth Employ Development Initiative, and numerous NGO’S. John Peter has been a spoken-word performance artist for the past four years.


There are things that transcend the borders of race and color, like a flu, a cough, a sneeze. These things tell us that it doesn’t matter where we come from, we all breathe the same air and we all lose it the same way. So breathe in deeply, open your hearts to the possibilities before you, love with all your heart without discrimination, live! This is the way we all win.

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