Ismail Odetola

Day 33: Ismail Odetola

Offin-ile Ikorodu Lagos

My peace offering has a lot to do with personal discovery as a result of my creative journey that exposed me to the ways of nature. I hope the world can sit and think and feel to have this same understanding. The only thing keeping humanity from peace is the ability to seek wisdom, which nature stands for in its entirety. I hope my work will shed light on how nature is humanity’s best teacher for peace and coexistence.


Ismail Odetola is an independent photographer, writer, and filmmaker. He was a winner at the UNESCO 2017 Global Youth photo contest, EU/OECD 2018 Development Center Youth photo contest, FIBA 2018 Photo contest, 2018 NASSER BIN HAMAD international youth creativity award. In 2018, his short documentary film was recognized by (UNAOC) and shortlisted for the 2018 Youmanity photo award, FIBA 2019, and 2019 German peace prize and Siena creative photo award 2020.


It will be an unending race if all we do is make peace a goal to be achieved, but instead, we can understand that our default state as humans is peaceful just like that of nature. Close your eyes and meditate on why nature is the teacher of peace for at least 2 minutes.

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