Day 34: Hyung Won

Hyung Joon Won and the Lindenbaum Organization


As I have been working very hard since 2009 to share the value of music for reconciliation and harmony to prevent war in the Korean Peninsula, this Peace Project began with the question of what role music plays in the current war against COVID-19. Playing music can share our ‘connected emotions’ and keep our society peaceful despite the virus’s impact. Therefore I’ve chosen to perform at the hospital for medical staff who are sacrificing their lives and healing them through music; this is another offering to my peace involvement for our society.


Mr. Hyung Joon Won is a Juilliard trained South Korean violinist, and his successful peace accomplishments have included making joint concerts with North Korean singers in Shanghai and Sweden in 2019. As a founder of Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra, he has appeared to speak and perform at Davos Forum, UN Geneva PeaceTalks, TEDx at SciencesPo. Hyung is currently an honorary member of Kirkland House, Harvard University, and International Chair of Berlin Cinema for Peace Foundation.


We, the Lindenbaum Organization – ‘Whatever for Peace’ – connects people with our healing music. Please visit our site to support our activities to support our activities.

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