Anusha Maharjan

Day 38: Anusha Maharjan

United States

I created my peace offering as a tribute story to all humanity in these times of turmoil this year 2020. I am 7,422 miles away from home, and I keep searching for familiar faces. It shattered my heart to see how we are craving for touch, human connection, and how the world is engulfed in sorrow and anger. My offering originated one fine morning when I was watching the news of pandemic and historical protests. ‘I just am’ was the phrase that struck me, and that is when I began writing how the ‘world just is,’ itself.


Anusha Maharjan is a leader of the youth movement in Kathmandu, Nepal, and is working as a vice president in the only youth-led NGO of Kathmandu named ‘We for Change’ promotes spaces for the leadership of young people aged 16-24 years. Anusha is passionately working to fulfill SDG 16, and she believes we all have the power to bring people together and change the world through our words, our voices, and our kindness.


I want viewers to listen and share a podcast I have built called ‘1:1 ReWind‘ that talks about conflict stories worldwide. The podcast is exclusively for the informational process so that listeners would know about these stories under 11 minutes of their time. 

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