Clara Aden

Day 39: Clara Aden

Lagos, Nigeria

I saw Frans Schwartz’ Agony in the Garden, and I wondered, where did our superheroes find comfort to face all these tragic and worrisome health problems? How do they find the peace to remain calm in all this pain? Inspired by this, l created the Gravitas series. While in isolation, l explored the world of typography to create “stay safe” and “l believe l can fly”. As much as I enjoy creating this artwork, l hope it sets someone free, reduces stress, and eases their anxiety knowing that they are not alone.


Clara Aden, a multidisciplinary artist who is very passionate about drawing and painting, graduated from Federal Science Technical College, Yaba. She is a pencilist award winner in several competitions and has participated in local and international exhibitions, art workshops, and projects. She works with oil, acrylics, and pastel but mostly pencil and charcoal.


Peace, to me, is freedom. I feel happy when I am free to express myself without fear. Using my art to deconstruct social boundaries has a lasting impact and is a catalyst for change. Sharing is caring. I feel at peace when I share my art with people on the internet. Share something personally meaningful with someone today.

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