Anthony Sims

Day 4: Anthony Sims

Chicago, IL, United States

The Black Body is a documented collection from a seven-day performance by Anthony Sims. The performance took on the form of a Tableau Vivant, in other words, a living picture. The piece explores simple activities that have resulted in the death of a black body. Some of these include: driving, going to church, purchasing candy, jogging, breathing, and many others. The work also explores activism/protest as performance and a universal body that goes unnoticed. Although people of color have different experiences from one another, how our bodies are seen in the media makes for a shared experience.


Anthony Sims is a Chicago based interdisciplinary time-based Performance Artist / Theatre Maker whose mission is to embody black and queer experiences through performance. Being a queer man of color from the south, he looks for ways of pushing against existing art norms to convey honesty through incongruity. He is currently earning his MFA in Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Please consider donating to the following fundraisers:
The Black Lives Global Network
The George Floyd Memorial Fund
I Run with Maud
Justice for Breonna Taylor
The Bail Project
The Third Wave
Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

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