Day 43: Baz Cumberbatch

Maui, HI, United Stated

I find my peace in nature by using pieces of nature found on Maui to share the love and natural beauty from the sky to the sea. I found the material in the banana fields and collected from palm trees on the island. When COVID came and tourism closed, I came to quarantine in Evanston, IL. I brought Maui with me in my suitcase filled with pieces of banana, palm, and bamboo trees I assembled into this tranquil peace offering for anyone who needs comfort right now. I hope you find it here.


Baz Cumberbatch is a self-taught eco and botanical artist creating all-natural and unique visual art pieces inspired by nature using no paints, stains, or dyes. Originally from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Baz moved to California and then Hawaii to pursue a career in windsurfing, art, and to raise a family. Baz currently splits his time creating and sharing his art in Maui, HI and Evanston, IL.


Go out in nature. Be quiet, listen, and breathe for at least 30 minutes, hopefully, more. Pay attention to nature. She is the teacher.

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