Alessandra Marconi

Day 44: Alessandra Marconi

Alessandra Marconi with Bboy Crazy Smooth & Simon Mendoza

Ottawa, Canada

This offering is a 2020 time-capsule: a call to go within. Rooted in self-love and made to inspire one’s inner-creator. It’s an homage to a dance that has profoundly impacted my life. To the Hustle community of NYC, whose members exude joy in the expression of this dance and pass it forward to people including me and my partner, Crazy Smooth. To the pandemic and the revolution, that reminds us of mortality and silence and humility. Original composition by Filipino-Canadian, Simon Mendoza (LA). Bboy Crazy Smooth, dancer, and vocals. Direction, text, vocals by me. Shot on iPhone.


From Trenton, Ohio, Alessandra Marconi‘s curiosity and artistry have taken her around the world. Performance: iLuminate, Crystal Pite’s ‘Polaris,’ ABC TV’s Dirty Dancing, Phish NYE 2020 at Madison Square Garden. Choreography: 2018 Drama League Fundraising Gala and Fire Island Dance Festival (collaboration with Al Blackstone). Passionate about passing on a language of partner dancing, Ali produces a mobile social dance event, The Hustle Social. She’s currently the Dance Supervisor for HAMILTON: An American Musical, Philip Tour.


Bless Your Drinking Water. Dr. Emoto discovered that high vibrational energy (written and auditory) will transform the molecules of water. Before sipping a fresh pour, affirm it with a mantra that you’re connected to, such as “gratitude” or “love and joy.”

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