Day 45: Amir Khadar

Baltimore, MD, United States

This offering depicts the act of liberating others: it is grounded in a quote from Toni Morrison, “The function of freedom is to free someone else.” For me, the quote evokes memories of elders, chosen family, and teachers who pour their energy and love into others for their liberation. I interpret freedom as being true to oneself, regardless of context; teaching someone how to live freely allows them to find their peace.


Amir Khadar (They/Them) is a Sierra Leonean-American multidisciplinary artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose main mediums are poetry, fibers, and digital art. Afro-futurism, beauty, hair, and spirituality are essential sites for exploration within their work.


This piece is a prompt to the viewer: consider figures in your life who have been a part of your liberation journey. I ask you, the viewer, to take time and think about how you can pour back into those figures (boosting fundraising, buying groceries, writing a letter, etc.).”

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