Day 48: Jacqueline Goldfinger

Philadelphia, PA, United States

A short meditation to help theater artists center themselves, their vision, and clear their minds before beginning a day of making. I created this to support students at a writers retreat last year.


Jacqueline Goldfinger (she/they) is a playwright and librettist who grew up in the rural South and is best known for her work in the Southern Gothic genre. She won the Yale Drama Prize, Smith Prize, Generations Award, Brown Martin Award, Barrymore Award, and Philadelphia Critics Award. Her plays have been on The Kilroy’s List. Her book, “Bottle Fly,” published by Yale Press, was a finalist at the International Book Awards.


Donate to a theater company that supports BIPOC voices. I hope that you take away that there is no “right” way to create; YOUR WAY is the right way. We are part of a great family of creators who are there in spirit to support you.

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