Day 54

“The simplicity of this prayer of peace and reconciliation gets right to the root of our innermost need for atonement: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you.” Listen to this prayer and direct it within yourself first, for outside is only a reflection of your inner world. It is possible to heal the world through the power of healing yourself. One can heal outer judgement and hatred, for example, by first healing one’s own ability to love and accept oneself. You can participate in this offering by feeling the resonance of these words within yourself, observing what comes up for you.”Abigail Elizabeth Fischer with Allison Danielle SemmesUnited StatesCornwall-on-Hudson, NYAbigail Elizabeth Fischer is a sound meditation practitioner, mindful artmaker, singer, and founder of ABigAUM, going deeper to heal through music, sound, and vibration. Abigail has performed as an opera singer from Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall to Beijing Music Festival, and creates her soul-centered multimedia projects with her husband as belhaven. During the pandemic, AbigAUM with Abigail is live-streaming sound meditation and other wholistic programs and teachings from her home in the Hudson Valley.

Allison Danielle Semmes is a multi-genre musical storyteller, mindful vocal coach, and founder of Holistic Singing, connecting to the healing power & flexibility of the authentic voice. Allison has performed on Broadway stages & national tours, Jazz at the Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and with artists Erykah Badu & Stevie Wonder. Allison is sharing her joy of singing for herself and others, currently working on a mantra album and her new YouTube series “Singing in the Foliage”.


Peace begins with your inner work. Close your eyes and meditate on these four phrases, asking yourself what comes up when you speak these mantras within yourself. What do you need to reconcile within?

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