Day 56: Noah Kneeream-Lapian

Honolulu, HI, United State

When creating this piece, I focused on my surroundings and the current environment. I didn’t have many options due to the pandemic and stay at home orders, so the only real source of inspiration was my apartment building and the community that dwells within. I took into account many different emotions, attitudes, and actions I observed when it came to how people lived during this pandemic. My overall goal with this piece was not only to depict a community withheld inside such close quarters but also to depict their interactions with each other and themselves.


Noah Kneeream-Lapian is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Hawaii & Manoa and is pursuing a BFA degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in drawing. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, but was raised on Oahu, Hawaii, for most of his life.


I want the people who view my piece to reflect on their communities no matter how big or small and try to understand how they work. By understanding the intricacies of one’s community, one can work towards making it better.

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