Molly Joyce

Day 6: Molly Joyce

Washington, DC, United States

“Weakness” is an excerpt from “Perspective,” a sound and video project featuring contributions from disabled participants speaking on what access, care, interdependence, and more mean to them. The contributors range from a variety of disabilities and backgrounds. With “Weakness,” participants answered the question, “what does weakness mean for you?” to offer various interpretations of how weakness can serve our bodies and be a unique peace offering. Nondisabled people rarely gain the opportunity to hear and see disability perspectives. I hope to offer a contrasting view that allows for divergent interpretations and questions to arise.


Molly Joyce’s music has been described as “serene power” by the New York Times. Her work has been presented at TEDxMidAtlantic, Bang on a Can Marathon, and in Pitchfork. She often performs with her toy organ, an instrument that engages with her disabled left hand, and studied at Juilliard, Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and Yale.


Alice Wong’s Disability Visibility Project has been a critical resource for learning more about disability perspectives. She is one of the participants in my project, and I encourage donations to her Patreon if possible.

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