Dan Daly

Day 60: Dan Daly

Dan Daly & Friends

Brooklyn, NY, United States

For my peace offering, I constructed a portable theater space that can fold up, be easily mailed, and be used by both professionals and amateurs to perform their stories. Using scrap and environmentally friendly materials, this structure confronts the wastefulness of theater as an art form. It makes it accessible to those that cannot afford ticket prices or be in a theater space due to COVID-19. Part of an ongoing series of temporary structures called the “Portable Theater Project,” this space is specifically designed to allow for theater scenery to be constructed and used in a socially distant way.


Dan Daly is a Brooklyn based scenic designer and artist who held positions at the Williamstown Theater Festival, the Corkscrew Festival, and the Winnipesaukee Playhouse. Dan’s design work was seen at The Public’s Under the Radar Festival at Brookfield Place with Third Rail Project’s site-specific work Oasis; at RuPaul’s Drag Con, where he designed Monét X Change’s booth; and at the Barn Arts Collective, where he built an inflatable theater. MFA: Carnegie Mellon University.


“As a peace action, let’s make a small step towards an environmentally just world. Today find one place to reuse an item you would normally throw away. Refill your water bottle, use the back of a piece of paper, use a plastic bag from the store a second time, etc.”

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