Day 64: Rav Shoshana Mitrani Knapp

New York City, NY, United States

For me, peace always starts with the individual. The pathway of love is the 1st  pathway to peace, starting with self-love.  If we can align our body, heart, mind, and soul to love, we can walk, talk, and act in love and peace.  When we love ourselves, then we can ‘love our neighbor as ourselves.’ We can only love the other in equal measure to one’s own self-love.


Rav Shoshana is a spiritual leader trained as a rabbi in the Jewish tradition. Through her teaching, chant circles, Soul Spa Fridays,  lifecycle events, and services,  Rav Shoshana takes the intangible in the realm of the spirit and creates pathways for healing and transformation. Her Soul Speaks one-on-one spiritual coaching practice and Soul Spa Fridays creates sacred space for people to listen to the still small voice within their Soul to guide them.


Ideally, meditate every morning. Short of that, take a few quiet moments and ask with curiosity and compassion: what part of me needs to be loved? For if there is any part of us that we don’t love, then that part can be turned against the other. 

Smile at others you see, imagine literally walking in their shoes, and remember we are all made in God’s image, the One image of God. This is a pathway to love and peace.

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