Day 68: Bre Indigo

Bre Indigo & Weird Enough Productions

United States

Tony Weaver Jr. of Weird Enough Productions and I have wanted to work with another for a while and so it was perfect that he came to me for this piece. We decided on the UnCommons overlooking Delta City together. As a team from many different backgrounds they still find common ground and understanding to work towards a better world. I’m just happy to be a part of anything that is taking steps towards a more inclusive and free future


Bre Indigo is a lover of coffee, sashimi, sunshowers, and cat toe beans. The goal of their creative career is to bring people together, and nurture a healthy and positive community around their artwork. Bre loves to tell stories of gentle boys, strong girls and the great people in between; to bring attention to the humanity and different forms of love that all human beings are capable of.


Continue to and always talk about any inequality you see. Try to take that step in your work or social environments to make space for those who might have otherwise been excluded.

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