Day 73: Dr. Loretta Chen

Honolulu, HI, United States

My Little Red Dot (MLRD) goes in search of himself as he never fit into his community owing to a big patch on his eye. Disillusioned, he goes in search of his tribe and in the process, finds himself and recognizes that home is where the heart is. We want to share that self-awareness; personal mastery and gratitude is key to attaining wisdom and understanding the world and becoming a peacebuilder in our diverse, global ecosystem. It allowed my family, in Singapore and I, in Hawaii to work together- a perfect metaphor for interconnectedness & peace does begin from home.


Singaporean Dr. Loretta Chen is a media veteran, professor and author. Her latest book, Inspiring Women of Hawaii is available at Costco, Target and good bookstores with proceeds going to a scholarship fund. She was a Nominated Member of Parliament and voted one of Asia’s Most Inspiring Women for her work in education, arts and advocacy. She is based in Hawaii and is thrilled to work on this peace project with her family in Singapore.


Please share our offering with your friends, family and social media as we did it to spread our familial message of love, peace, charity. Do log on to to view the full animation as well as catch Secrets to Happiness, filmed entirely in Bhutan.

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