Day 80: Carolina Hoyos

West Hollywood, CA, United States

I had originally planned to translate some music into my Native tongue and that project is still underway but I had some setbacks with finding a safe living space and once I did find a home, I immediately landed a feature film project that swept me away from that project or several weeks. We just wrapped a couple days ago, so upon hearing news of covid-19 spreading throughout the White House, I decided a friendly reminder to mask up and wash hands was important.



Carolina Hoyos began as a childhood concert pianist before spending 3 seasons on “MTV Hits”. She plays Antonella in “Too Old To Die Young”, was named a Fellow in La Skins Fest Native American TV Writers Lab, earned a coveted spot on LA County Artist Roster and is a West Hollywood Directing Artist Grantee. She performs with comedy troupes Dad Jeans and Nightpantz and is a member of Artist Ensemble Native Voices at The Autry.


It is even more important during a pandemic that we stay physically healthy in order to be strong enough to manage everything life throws at us. When we care for our bodies, we can then also care for our minds, our hearts and our souls. Remember to keep a safe distance, wash your hands and please wear a mask. Your body thanks you and your mind, heart and soul will, too!

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