Day 81: Alexander Rodriguez

 San Antonio, TX

When you think about peacebuilding, you often think about established activists and peacebuilders. However, I often think about my students and see the daily ways that even at early childhood, they can find their voice and work to develop peace. I combined my passion for early childhood literacy with my passion for peace building to create the book, “I Can Make Peace Too.” I seek to inspire young children to see themselves as peacebuilders, so that they can go out and build a better world.


Alexander Rodriguez is an early childhood educator located in San Antonio, Texas. He has dedicated his career to ensuring that all children have access to early childhood education through his career at Prek4SA, The DoSeum, and serving as the previous vice president of The Love Your Natural Self Foundation. He is the founder of a digital platform called “At Home Play,” providing families and students with early childhood resources.


 Take time to read, I Can Make Peace Too, with your child. While reading stop to ask questions about peace building. Discuss what is important to your child and what you can do to support social issues that matter to them. This can be drawing a picture, writing a letter, or making a song. Whatever it looks like, make sure to encourage your child to take some action. 

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