Day 83: Mitra Manesh

United States

I went deep into inquiry of what peace truly means to me. I journaled about it, I meditated on it, and I have to say the result surprised me. I realized I feel a sense of peace when connectedness, unity, and oneness is present, and when I remember I am a cell in the body of life! I shared my findings with my gifted team at Innermap, and Jenn Godoy and Meghan Mann turned it into what we have created. Thank you for provoking this question in me, and thank you to my team for always supporting my work.


Mitra Manesh is a thought-leader, story-teller, and educator, with over 3.5 decades of experience in teaching, coaching, and consulting. She is the founder of “Innermap” App, and host of “Light On” podcast. Her clients range from ordinary people seeking happiness and success, to celebrities,  Amazon, Hugo Boss, and United Healthcare. Mitra teaches Mindfulness virtually at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, and is a pioneer in creating Contemplative Art Viewing  experiences at many art institutions.    


Every night before going to sleep, ask yourself “if I had access to peace tonight, what would I let in, what would I let go, and what would I keep in my awareness and consciousness?” Then let in, let go, and keep that which can give you access to your inner peace while recharging your body, mind, and spirit at night. 

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