Day 92: Room to Read

Ha-Giang Trinh & Evi Shelvia

The Netherlands & Tasikmalaya, West Java

This work is dedicated as a sign of respect to the struggle of daily living in a village community during the Pandemic era.This fragment of life highlights the struggle of a little girl who rushes to get to the food charity waiting line in order to help her family. Along the process, she encounters shares of many different stories from people inside the queue line that opens her mind about how life can be seen from a different angle and cherished in many ways. We wrote the story during Room to Read’s workshop titled “Children during the time of COVID-19”. It’s dedicated to all children, who probably suffer the most from the pandemic.


Ha-Giang has been writing picture books, short stories, comics, and scripts for children for many years. She has a great interest in storytelling for young readers. Born and raised in the Mekong Delta, went to school and worked in big cities, Ha-Giang has conveyed the rich experiences and fresh perspectives she got in her stories for children.

Evi Shelvia is a professional writer and illustrator of Children’s Book that has produced 35 book titles to this date, and published in countries like The United States, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia, along with several book illustration awards from Singapore and Malaysia. She is also active in giving coaching clinics and professional workshops on book illustration, as well as participating in various literary events internationally.


Take time to read books, especially with your loved ones. I would really love to see how people can feel what I feel during the process of illustrating the book on asserting the message that during hard times we still have faith in humanity and we can share our heart of gold.

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