Dorian Stern, Development Consultant

Dorian Stern

Development Consultant

Dorian is a quintessential artist in the craft of leading nonprofit organizations through the frontiers of their mission from concept to execution. Drawing upon her skills as a commanding communicator and decisive detective, she excels at being a “bridge-maker” of methods that complement the delicate balance between what an organization wants to deliver as its mission and what philanthropic supporters are inspired to fund. 

Early in her career, Dorian opted to transfer to the nonprofit arena from the for-profit sector and has since applied much of her business acumen to her fundraising work – which she recognizes is very much a business model in its own right. Rather than producing a “product for profit”, nonprofits produce a “mission for critical thought and change.”

Dorian has completed the full scope of nonprofit certifications endorsed by The Association for Fundraising Professionals, which includes CFRE credentials and study of Board Governance, Grant Writing, Nonprofit Financial Management, Nonprofit Infrastructure, Event/Volunteer Management, Donor Development, Compliance & Branding, Prospect Research, and Marketing & Branding. 

A frequent presenter on topics of interest pertaining to engagement with the nonprofit sector, she is active with various networking groups for business professionals.

Dorian has represented notable nonprofit organizations as their Director of Development and Chief Development officer during her years of service to the Long Island and NYC communities, with areas of focus including: animal rights, hunger, houselessness, poverty, and the cultural arts. A true patron of the arts, she is also a donor/member of various theatric, music and fine art organizations. 

Her pet family is comprised of dachshund siblings -Bogart & Bacall and 3 fine felines.

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