Foundations & Corporate Support

Contributions through sponsorships and foundation grants, employee matching gifts, and in-kind donations, enables The Peace Studio to carry out its programs most effectively each year.

By contributing to The Peace Studio, our foundation and corporate partners receive:

  • Prominent visibility as one of our key funding partners on all TPS promotional materials distributed nationally and internationally
  • Opportunities for brand visibility on PBS, NowThis, and across many other media platforms where The Peace Studio regularly works
  • A chance to drive tremendous impact around the artists and journalists that we serve each year

For more information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities, contact Thomas West at


The Peace Studio is indebted to Bob and Christine Stiller for their transformational $650,000 pledge in support of our fast-growing organization in May 2021. 

The Stiller family will be making the following possible:

  • They will underwrite the creation of a new Images and Voices of Hope Restorative Narrative Prize, which will be given to one deserving journalist or media-maker whose body of work and personal vocation is contributing to a discourse of resilience and possibility instead of perpetuating trauma. The inaugural award will be presented in 2023.  
  • They will support the creation of a new Peace Studio Curriculum to provide new tools to our community of artists and journalists working to depolarize society. The module-based curriculum will include units on: 1)The Foundations of The Peace Studio, (2) Mindfulness and Reflective Practices, (3) Artist As Catalyst, (4) Restorative Narratives and Strengths-based Storytelling (5) Mediation and Conflict Transformation. 
  • They will support the creation of a Guide on Restorative Narrative for Educators and Newsroom Editors. 
  • They will fund two classes of Artist and Journalist Fellowships
  • And finally, with their help, we will create The Stiller Family Fund for Media and Journalism Early Childhood Education Initiatives. This new drawdown fund will allow The Peace Studio the opportunity to award project-based support to former fellows and grantees to take strengths-based performances and stories, Appreciative Inquiry ‘Discovery’ workshops, and more into local elementary and middle school classrooms.

Current Sponsors & Partners

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