Peace As A Way Of Living

Peace is not simply a state of tranquility resulting from the absence of violence. It is a way of life that requires our active participation. Each of us must work every day towards pursuing justice, protecting human rights and actively building homes, communities and nations where mutual respect, kindness and compassion come first.

Interdependent Community

We are committed to building a community in which people are mutually reliant on each other. To that end, we are invested in organizational structures and practices that can sustain individual and collective well-being.

Growth in Reflection

Personal and communal reflection, based on shared values and facts, allow us to make lasting shifts in our behaviors, culture and greater societal structures.

Strengths-Based Storytelling

The stories we tell shape the world we inhabit. We create content that highlights individual and communal strengths, builds mutual respect and dignity, and shows us a path to living in peace.

Trauma-Informed and Anti-Oppression Practices

An understanding of trauma and oppression, and a commitment to practices that disrupt these systems, allows us to ensure that the work we do and the stories we tell lead to a culture of peacebuilding rather than continuing cycles of violence.

Intergenerational Collaboration

People of all ages have strengths to bring to peacebuilding. We are committed to creating opportunities for interaction and exchange across generations within our programming and decision-making processes.

Honesty and Transparency

We welcome productive criticism and questions. We are committed to being accountable for our actions and to aligning our words and behaviors with our values.