Artist as Catalyst

Artist as Catalyst is a two-day program in the heart of Miami, open to artists of all disciplines, ages 18 to 26, interested in making a positive impact on their community. The 15 to 20 young Catalysts selected for the program will take part in: 

  • Studio classes led by industry professionals from across the country
  • Interactive workshops on the themes of Artistry, Citizenship and Entrepreneurship
  • Panel discussions with Miami’s groundbreaking artistic leaders 
  • A conversation with a VIP Keynote Speaker
  • Collaborative projects, open mics, jam sessions and more!

Produced by The Peace Studio and guided by experts, scholars and practicing artists, the two-day program is a primer for a full conference in 2023, which our inaugural class of 2022 catalysts will automatically gain access to. FREE OF CHARGE for all participants.

The Catalyst Program welcomes artists of all disciplines, art forms, and educational backgrounds, as long as they’re actively engaged in some sort of creative practice at the time of the program.

The program benefits those emerging artists who are looking to build community around the questions: How do I make great art? Make a living? And make a difference in the world?

Rooting itself in the dynamic, multicultural hub of Miami, the Artist as Catalyst Program embraces the maxim: “think globally, act locally” and as such will engage thought leaders, community organizers, and artists whose work addresses Miami’s specific challenges and opportunities, and yet whose impact echoes far beyond regional confines.

This year’s program will be hosted by Green Space Miami (7200 Biscayne Boulevard) on Thursday, July 7th and Friday, July 8th, 2022. Green Space Miami, the Green Family Foundation’s community art space, is guided by the foundation’s principles of inclusion, community empowerment and education. Green Space Miami is dedicated to highlighting Miami-Dade artists and local organizations, illuminating dialogue on critical social issues facing society. Transportation and housing will not be provided. Meals and parking will be covered for all participating Catalysts.

                                                       The Deadline for Applications is now Midnight on May 27th, 2022

Leading support for this new initiative is being provided by the Green Family Foundation Trust, to whom The Peace Studio is deeply grateful.

More questions about The Artist as Catalyst program?

Check our knowledge base, click to download FAQ.

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