Our Mission

The Peace Studio develops artists and journalists to inspire hope and catalyze transformative social change.



To build a culture of peace through American artists and journalists.



STRENGTHS-BASED STORYTELLING  The stories we tell shape the world we inhabit. We are committed to seeing content created that highlights individual and communal strengths, builds mutual respect and dignity, and shows us a path to living in peace.

REFLECTION AND SELF-CARE  We are committed to creating spaces for both personal and communal reflection, based on shared values, and to putting people and their self-care first over urgency, efficiency, deadlines, or any one program or creative output.

COLLABORATION  We believe that we can have greater societal impact by collaborating with other organizations and people who share our values and vision for a more just and peaceful society. 

REPRESENTATION  We want to create a community of artists and journalists that embraces all identities, a multiplicity of cultures and backgrounds, and the fullness of what makes individuals human. We also commit to leveraging our social capital and access for their benefit, to always making a significant investment in each person we support, and to ensuring that they have a voice at our decision-making tables as we continue to grow our organization.

BEING A LEARNING ORGANIZATION  We welcome productive criticism and questions and to being flexible to the needs of the community we serve. We are committed to being accountable for our actions and to aligning our words and behaviors with our values.

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