A Community Dialogue in Atlantic City

In September, in partnership with Mike Rispoli at Free Press and Stefanie Murray at the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, Ilsa Flanagan facilitated a 5-hour workshop on strengths-based media and Restorative Narrative in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mike and Stefanie worked in close partnership with the community and created a space for leaders to dialogue with representatives from traditional newsrooms, hyperlocal news sites, and others in media about identifying and telling stories that moved beyond the boom or bust narrative to a fuller, more authentic representation of all that Atlantic City is and could be. As Mike recently noted:

“The workshop included tough conversations, opportunities to learn, build relationships, small group conversations. Most importantly, a chance to move from conversation into action. Now, we’re moving forward on a collaborative project, led by the people of and local reporters…Throughout, all stakeholders involved had a say in the decision-making process about the program, event location, catering…everything. Power was shared in every stage.”

To learn more about this workshop, read Joe Amditis and Mike Rispoli’s Medium article “Using restorative narrative to tell the story of Atlantic City.” If you’re interested in convening a similar workshop in your community, please email Ilsa.

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