We live in a world predominantly on fire. Every hour of every day, a new fear-gripping headline in the news… another mass shooting, an unexpected tsunami, raging wildfires, human rights violations, the list goes on and on. 

The Peace Studio exists to uplift and support the individuals perhaps best positioned to be first responders to a world in crisis: Artists and Journalists

We train them to see their work as a vocation, not merely to express whatever inner sorrow or outrage they are feeling, but to understand the critical role they play in creating stillness and building empathy while chaos ensues around them. We encourage them to tell the difficult stories of today in such a way that celebrates the capacity of human resilience in the darkest of times. And we ask them to see themselves as peacebuilding leaders, which we define as a commitment to inspiring hope and catalyzing transformative social change. 


Our programming spins out of this core framework – a mix of educational initiatives, convenings, and content creation. Our impact goal is two-fold: 1) to build out and support an army of artists and journalists that see their work as critical to building a culture of peace and 2) to develop a massive, hybrid (virtual & in-person) platform that is powerfully elevating the importance of peace and peacebuilding in the public square. A sort of TED meets Woodstock for peace. 

The Peace Studio Fellowship

A year-long fellowship program that aims to serve as an incubator for the next generation of peacebuilding leaders. Bringing together a diverse group of artists and journalists with one common cause: to build peace, fellows receive $10,000 and ongoing support to produce a unique peacebuilding project that heals existing divisions within their community.

Artist as Catalyst Program

An immersive experience for emerging artists, ages 18-26, interested in making a positive social impact with their art. These young Catalysts are selected to partake in studio classes, keynote conversations, and interactive workshops on the themes of Artistry, Citizenship and Entrepreneurship.

The Peace Studio Summit

A kind of TED meets Woodstock event, where thousands of people come from all walks of life for a conversation about peace, for inspiration, and brilliant performances.

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