Black Lives Matter

Dear Peace Studio Community,

From the beginning, we made a commitment to build a new message of peace that speaks to and lives beyond the events of our time. We bear witness to the deep currents of injustice and suffering in our world, and strive to meet them with courage, resilience, and hope. Our mission is urgent and collective, respectful of our shared humanity and responsive to the world around us.

Today, we were supposed to introduce our 100 Offerings of Peace campaign to the world. But like so many of you, our hearts have been heavy this week, weighed down by recent events and by the painful recognition of the cycle of violence and injustice that continues to endanger and harm Black Americans. The Peace Studio stands with our Black colleagues, partners, and community members to oppose racial injustice in all its forms.

Part of peace building is knowing when we must raise our voices, and knowing when we need to stand in solidarity with those whose voices must be central and most widely heard. To honor this principle, we have chosen to delay today’s previously-planned launch of our 100 Offerings of Peace campaign to a future date to be announced.

At the appropriate moment, we will be proud to introduce our 100 Offerings of Peace campaign in a way that celebrates the more just, inclusive, and equitable world that we will build together. We look forward to sharing the beautiful contributions from creatives across the world, which they have been generating with compassion, depth, and urgency.

In the meantime, we encourage you to consider supporting organizations working to end racial injustice, and to research organizations in your area working towards bail reform. Below are just a few of the funds and non-profits whose work we would like to elevate:

Until then, we are grateful for the opportunity to advocate alongside you. Peace has never been more important than it is now.

In solidarity,

Thomas West, Executive Director

The Peace Studio

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