Carissa Reiniger CEO Silver Lining, Ltd.

Carissa Reiniger

Board President
CEO Silver Lining, Ltd.

Carissa Reiniger is the Founder & CEO of Silver Lining Ltd. She is the creator of the Silver Lining Action Plan – SLAPTM – a proven methodology based in behavior change science that has been helping small business owners worldwide build more profitable and sustainable businesses since 2005. By leveraging technology and data, SLAPTM is the modern approach to the age-old problem of growing a small business.
Additionally, as part of her commitment to do everything “Small Business First,” she has since launched – Thank You Small Business – a Global Movement to thank, celebrate and support small businesses globally, as well as Impact5X, an economic justice initiative to decrease barriers to access for small business owners from marginalized communities. She has worked with major organizations such as Google, The White House, Hewlett-Packard, Intuit, Citi Cards, Staples, Citrix, and American Airlines to bring more resources and support to small businesses. She and her work have been featured in The
New York Times, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and BizJournal. She is on a mission to help more small business owners make money doing what they love because she genuinely believes that we CAN change the economy one small business at a time.

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