Noa Sinclair

Daniel Taylor (Noa Sinclair)


Noa Sinclair is a queer, intersectional artist raised in Hamden CT. Since attending the Artist as Catalyst program in 2023 they have made their way throughout Miami’s underground and LGBTQ night life circles, booking gigs with organizations like Soirée, DWN4WHTVR and performing at events such as Reflect Co.’s QUEERFEST. Sinclair describes their sound as indie/alternative, claiming influences from artist such as Lianne La Havas, Lola Young, WILLOW and more. Noa’s early life had been surrounded by the arts, which was backed by amazing teaching artists to instruct. Although they practiced multiple creative outlets it was apparent singing would be the dominant due to their acceptance into numerous choir programs by age 12. In 2017 Noa and family moved to Pembroke Pines, Broward. It was then Noa came in contact with BGREAT; a nonprofit organization in Marget FL that trains and assists young artists in their developmental process. It was there that Noa continued 1 on 1 vocal sessions and got hands on experience on entertainment performance. Their current music performances and lyrics aim to reflect on the experiences of marginalized groups who’s stories often go untold by mainstream media, specifically the stories hailing from black, trans and neurodivergent communities. Now living in southern Miami they connect with local community by performing in community driven spaces such as Easy Peasy tattoo, White Rose Coffee and Little Haiti Cultural Complex. Sinclair hopes to hold community oriented events that aim to shed light on local talent, generate funds for mutual aid and create a space for marginalized persons to gather, enjoy and openly take up space unapologetically.

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