Sydney A. Foster

Day 11: Sydney A. Foster

Montgomery, AL, United States

I was walking past the Rosa Parks Museum, and was drawn to a homeless man sleeping on the benches in front of it. I instantly gravitated towards the capture for several reasons: amid COVID-19 some have just been so restless where they have just wanted to rest to find peace of mind, I am one of those people. I instantly got depressed when all of this happened; I worried how I would make my bills as most of America is still wondering — I was furloughed from my day job without any hesitation. 

The second reason I was drawn to this image is that I worry about the homeless population, and to see this man resting brought joy to my heart. During his circumstances, he found some way to rest his feet and rest his body, much like Rosa Parks wanting to rest when she got off work the day she boarded the bus.


Sydney A. Foster is a native of Montgomery, Alabama who strives to create images that capture the allure of individuals. At 21, Foster was hand-picked to be a staff photographer by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey. She is a U.S. Staff Sergeant who has deployed to Southwest Asia with the 187th Alabama Air National Guard. Sydney has worked under prestigious photographers, including Keith Major, Danielle Levitt, and Jason Rodgers. Foster believes that being able to inspire souls through the beauty of imagery is more than power; it is life.


I would like to see an action for others to check on another — don’t be afraid to speak to someone who may be perceived to have less than you. It costs nothing to ask if they are okay. Also, take a moment to bring justice for Breonna Taylor — I am a black woman. I would want someone to do it for me. Follow the link to do so:

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