Day 12: ARKAI

New York, NY / Mt. Tremper, NY, United States

 When discussing the peace concept in light of the COVID-19 crisis, we were drawn to one of its most simple manifestations: stillness. While some forms of peace are dependent upon societal structures, stillness is a mode of being we each have access to and ownership over. In our reflections, we were inspired by our rediscovered and recontextualized relationships with nature — the untempered purity of nature at Mt. Tremper and the hauntingly beautiful quietude of New York City under quarantine.

Peace as stillness, serenity in the moment,

A simple act, an offering of joy, a choice.


Drawing their name from the Greek ἀρχαί meaning “source of action,” ARKAI channels the diversity of the world through genre-bending music and sonic exploration. By drawing inspiration from many artistic palettes, ARKAI envisions using their music as a vehicle for a cultural ambassadorship, cultivating understanding through an exchange. Past engagements have included performances at The Met Breuer’s first commissioned sound-based installation: Oliver Beer’s Vessel Orchestra, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall’s Studio 57, The Peace Studio, and the 92nd Street Y.


Take 5 minutes today to sit in stillness, being present with your breath, and reflecting on one area of difficulty in your life. Identify one small action you can take today to realize the change that you want to see. Through this practice, we can learn to let go of things we do not have control over and invest in the areas that we do.

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