Madeline Sayet

Day 16: Madeline Sayet

Connecticut, United States

Where do all the wishes go?

This piece, “The Wishing Well,” came out of reckoning with the thousands of years children have been wishing for peace, and the knowledge that it is still so far away. We learn its importance from a young age, yet still do not live in a just world. How do we get there?

My mother taught me the significance of our Mohegan word for peace being “Aquene,” which means “to speak again.” This word reminds us that communication is key to peacemaking.

Music for this piece was provided by the incredibly talented composer Erik Schilke.


Madeline Sayet is a citizen of the Mohegan nation and the Executive Director of the Yale indigenous Performing Arts Program (YIPAP). For her work as a writer, director, and performer she has been named a Forbes 30 Under 30, NCAIED Native American 40 Under 40, TED Fellow, MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow, and recipient of The Champion of Change Award from President Obama.


1) Speak a wish.  

2) Name three actionable things you can do today to bring that wish closer to reality.

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