Day 21: Julian Loida

Kittery, MA, United States

Music has always been a space for me to think, to reflect, to slow down, and to receive clarity. In times of unrest and uncertainty, music disarms the hate both within me and the hate that surrounds me. It is a place that no words can describe, a place where we can be fully accepted. Music is a place of resonance, and with resonance comes peace, with resonance comes clarity.


Called a “thought provoker” by Boston Voyager, Julian Loida is a Boston-based percussionist, composer, and producer. Loida’s musical curiosity and open-mindedness have propelled him towards a wide-range of sounds, genres, and artistic endeavors. He’s performed jazz, folk, and classical, and collaborated with dancers, visual artists, songwriters/composers, and musicians of all stripes. Music is a full-body experience for him, with sounds often invoking involuntary sensations of color, texture, or even taste.


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