Lark Sontag

Day 3: Lark Sontag

New York, NY, United States

My gift was a poem for Black children. I saw a little child playing in the park. Their hair was tied up in what I thought looked like a bunny tail, so this poem is my reminder of the beauty of a carefree childhood. I was reminded of a vision by the adorable little child I saw running and laughing in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.


Lark Sontag is a children’s book author, peace educator, #AntiracistKidLit advocate, and publisher of Sweet Potato Pie, a Black Children’s Literary Journal. Her debut children’s book, “What Every Child Should Know,” will be released on Sanctuary Publishers later this summer. It is a book that radically instills awareness of social justice issues and community care within traditional children picture book storytelling.


Support a Black author who writes for Black children, that could be requesting their book at your local library, writing a book review, suggesting them to your child’s teacher for a classroom visit, buying their book, or reading their book. Children’s literature is delightful.

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