Day 30: Sifiso Maposa

Washington, DC, United States

Unfolding is a collection of journal entries that revealed the ever-changing nature of peace to me. As someone who has dedicated my life to peacebuilding, I committed to questioning the meaning of peace regularly – not only in my professional work, but also personally, and in relation to the collective. Similar to a gratitude journal, I got into the habit of recording and reflecting on peace. This practice helped me to start approaching the world with my idea of peace at that moment rather than focusing on what appears to be the absence of it out there.


Sifiso is interested in interdisciplinary work + exploring critical thinking as a creative act. She is a researcher, writer, and peacebuilder working at the intersection of the humanities, literature, and societal based work. With experience from various international organizations, her focus is conflict resolution through dialogue, humanitarian action, justice, and healing. An advocate of the moral imagination and the art spirit, she is committed to serving the global community and weaving authentic connections.


“I invite you to write down in your own words what peace means to you at this moment. As a form of collective communion, I want to share this practice of awareness and re-imagining of personal and collective peace – even in the most mundane, unusual, and improbable things.”

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